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3 Websites for a Virtual Tour to Immerse Yourself at Your Phone Screen


2021-01-08 11:36:28

You may not be able to make a trip while in quarantine but staying in the same place for a long time could cause boredom and stress. A virtual tour is the answer to this problem. This can let you travel through your pc or your phone screen by touching the point you want to see as if you were there! Here are three websites that feature virtual tours for the armchair traveller.

1. Amazing Thailand Virtual Tour by the Tourism Authority of Thailand

The main website of Amazing Thailand by the Tourism Authority of Thailand not only provides information for tourists, but also has virtual tours for people who want to visit Thailand while still in quarantine. The website has many attractions from the five regions of Thailand such as the King Narai National Museum Lopburi, Wang Jao Mueng in Pattalung, and Wat Si Chum temple in Sukhothai.ประสบการณ์ท่องเที่ยวเสมือนจริง

Virtual Tour: King Narai National Museum, Lopburi


2. Virtual Tour by Fine Arts Department

For anyone who loves travelling to historical places, this website is the answer! This is virtual tour technology that was developed by the Fine Arts Department. They have gathered all the historical parks in Thailand together on this website!

Virtual Tour: Phanom Rung Temple, Buriram


3. Thai Virtual Tour

This website offers special virtual tours of Thailand. More than the two websites above, Thai Virtual Tour features other places apart from attractions such as hotels and restaurants so you can see the detail of the place before going there.!/portfolio

Virtual Tour: St. Louis Church, Bangkok

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