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15 Free Applications that Will Make You an Easy Trip in Thailand.


2021-01-08 15:02:07

Leave it in your dreams—if you travel without a plan, you can’t expect to have a wonderful trip. It’s true that anything might happen accidentally when travelling, but having a plan is better because if things don’t work out as you hope, at least you can fix them with these applications that you must have on your smartphone. Let’s see what you need when travelling in Thailand.

1. Applications for transportation and accommodation


We bet no one knows this application. It’s an application for anything you need on your trip that is used worldwide. It features booking services for accommodation, flights, flight+hotel, car rentals, attractions and airport taxis. With a good search system, you can specify your budget to find a hotel or other services and other users’ review comments can help you to decide.


This well known booking application includes private stays, monthly stays, flight+hotel, and flights. It has a filtered search so you can find accommodation around your destination. Agoda not only books your stay and flights, but also has discount codes to help you to save money.


This is another application for booking all your travel needs. If you are looking for a tour programme or travel package, Expedia is the answer. This application lets you choose your trip as your wish to match your lifestyle. 


At the airport or anywhere, you can find a vehicle for comfortable travel on your phone with a Grab car or a Grab bike—just choose what you want. Grab provides not only transportation but also delivery, with many shops and restaurants on the application to make your life comfier.

2.  Applications for attractions and restaurants

Around Me

This application tells you if there are any places (hotels, restaurants or attractions) near your location and when you choose your destination, it will show you the directions to get there.


Just check in on the application and it will show you hotels, restaurants and attractions nearby so you can decide where to go next.

3. Applications for travel plans


This application can help you plan your trip easily by showing reviews of attractions and restaurants and it can also help you find interesting activities and events around your location.

Google maps

This application is popular for travellers who want to find their own way. Wherever you want to go, it can plan your route by car, bike, bus or on foot, along with calculating the distance and time to help you plan your trip accurately.

Google Trips

This application makes planning a trip very comfortable. No matter what you want to find, Google Trips will tell you the direction, accommodation options, restaurant details, as well as information and contact details of each place on your entire trip.

4. Applications for currency conversion

XE Currency

Just type the figures that you want to exchange then select your currency and the  currency you want to change it for, and you will see how much it is in the other currency.

Currency Converter

A currency converter designed like a calculator, making it easy to use.

5. Applications for communication

Google Translate

A translation application that we all are familiar with and some of us have used it. With the ability to translate many languages, Google Translate is the most popular electronic dictionary. 


A dictionary application from Oxford which you can afford for free! and can stably translate English - Thai. If you are the one who uses English for travelling, this is a dictionary application you should add to your list. 

Pleco Chinese Dictionary

For everyone who uses Chinese as their main language, this application can help you travel easier. Even if it only translates word by word, its meanings are very accurate. So, we recommend that you use it for translating guide posts.

6. Applications for weather

The Weather Channel and Weather Timeline

These applications tell you if the weather is bad or good for travelling outside. Both have the same functions and give accurate forecasts.

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